iCloud Login – Steps To Sign In iCloud Account From iPhone, iPAD, Mac

By | December 7, 2016

iCloud Login: In this modernistic times Cloud Storage is the top ranked online service. I hope you all are aware of the Google Drive which was designed and popularized for Windows computer. In present times Google Drive is accessible for almost all the types of Devices.

With the enhancing recognition of the Cloud Storage service as the Google Drive, Apple company also popularized this Cloud Storage service known as iCloud Service.

In this futuristic era,  cloud storage is very useful online service. With the aid of this service you are able to save almost all kind of files and folders in the cloud and can make use of this saved files from anywhere around the world, anytime, with any kind of devices. To utilize this, all you need is a appropriate username and high security password.

iCloud Login @ iCloud.com

iCloud Login – Steps To Sign In to your iCloud.com

You are able to save all your significant documents, files, presentations and highly personalized details in this iCloud Service and for this you need not carry any additional devices with you. You can simply save them on your personalized computer folder and use them out of the Cloud service whenever necessary.

Since Google Drive works best for Windows PC, iCloud is the best and most appropriate app for Apple Mac, and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. So, if you are owner of any of the Apple devices, you can reckon iCloud with free of cost for the Cloud Storage service in order to streamline the busy life.

Along with the iCloud  convenience, it is also adaptable in your Windows computer.

The iCloud Login or Sign In is one of the most easiest process, but that process you need to set up iCloud on your computing device. In order to access iCloud services on your computer there are lot of system requirements.

In this article am explaining about the system requirements for the iCloud Service on your devices :

System Requirement Of iCloud :

Different systems require different iCloud Login System Requirements :

iCloud For iOS : In order to use iCloud Service for  iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, your iDevice need iOS 9.3 or recent updated version. iWork is also must and most necessary for your iOS.

iCloud for Mac: Your Mac requires OS X EI Captain with iTunes 12.3 or latest. Required browsers on your Mac are Safari 9.1 or latest, Firefox 22, Google Chrome 28 or newer version. iWork also needed.

iCloud for PC: In order to run iCloud service on your PC, your computer system needs Microsoft Windows 10  as Operating system. iCloud for Windows 5.2 also required. iTunes 12.3.3 or newer updates version are also needed in order to access this Cloud Storage service. A Microsoft Outlook account also demanded on your PC. PC Browser supports Firefox 45, Google Chrome 50 etc.

iCloud for Apple TV: To access iCloud storage service in your Apple TV, your device needs Apple TV software 7.2.1 or newer version of it.

Be sure that your system is packed up with the above provided system requirements.

After ensuring your device with the above services are are able to proceed to  iCloud Login or Sign up for iCloud from your Mac or PC.

iCloud Sign In

The Process To Login To iCloud :

The below mentioned process  work for most browsers. Just please don’t forget to remember one thing that Safari is erratic in allowing access to iCloud.com.

Chrome : Steps To iCloud.com :

  1. At first open the Chrome browser.
  2. Then type https://www.icloud.com/
  3. Then hit on the 3 dots which is displayed on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose “Request Desktop Site” from the displayed menu options.
  • If you are not showed up with the desktop version, then re enter the i.cloud.com in the web address bar

4. Then open iCloud.com Login desktop version with your Apple ID as you usually do

   Mercury Browser : Steps To Access iCloud.com :

  1. At first project  Mercury.
  2. Then visit the link https://www.icloud.com/.
  3. Then hit on Settings options (the three lines at screen bottom menu bar).
  4. Then choose User Agent icon.
  5. Then select  User Agent as Safari(Mac OSX).
  6. Then you need to Type icloud.com in the web address bar.
  • You are showed up with the message warning you that this is an unsupported browser.
  • Then you need to choose Ignore option.

7. Then you need to Login to iCloud.com desktop version with the aid of your Apple ID as you regularly do.

Safari  Browser : Steps To Access iCloud.com :

  1. You need to open Safari.
  2. Then visit the link : https://www.icloud.com/
  3. Then hit on the Share button which is sited in the lower menu bar.
  • Then Swipe the Lower Menu options (starts with Add to Favorites)
  • Then you need to choose “Request Desktop Site”

4. To access the actual desktop site, you need to repeat the step 3.

1. Results are incompitable.

5. Then Login to iCloud.com desktop version with your Apple ID as you commonly do.

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